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Online Computer Service Network – OCSN launches first web site dedicated to computer professionals and small Information Technology companies on the Internet

Miami, October 16, 2000 – The founder and president of Online Computer Service Network- OCSN, Fred Lotgering, announced today the launch of the first web site dedicated to computer professionals and small computer companies and can be found at:

OCSN is a company based in Pembroke Pines, Florida, providing online support to its members worldwide. For a very reasonable monthly fee, OCSN members are provided with a unique source of information, support and solutions. The target audience has been identified as being independent computer professionals and small computer companies (with a staff of up to five employees) serving the PC home user, the small Mom and Pop companies and the small Business community.

By becoming a member of OCSN, the computer professional can provide clients with a much wider range of support information including repairs, sales, installations, network solutions, web hosting, web design, upgrades and many other computer related services.

Fred says that OCSN will never carry advertising on its web site, nor will the company distribute, sell or release its members information (other than agreed upon through the web site or as part of the membership agreement. OCSN has no commercial interest in or relationship with any supplier or manufacturer; the company accepts neither sponsorships nor donations and will never link to sites for professional fees. "Our web sites are designed for speedy access, easy navigation and graphics are only included when necessary to support the subject matter. No flashing messages, moving news lines, or banners of any kind will appear on our web sites".

In an introduction to OCSN solutions, Fred pointed out the benefits of becoming a member for any small computer company facing increasing competition. He firmly believes that OCSN is the path to success by helping computer professionals to find the right solution to his or his client’s problem in the shortest amount of time. Through networking and discussion boards, professionals can share experiences with other OCSN members worldwide. This not only serves to keep the professional up to scratch but allows him to extend his knowledge, expand his business and better serve his clients.

With the OCSN certificate, the professional creates a greater amount of credibility and can freely use the company logo on his personal stationary. His clients will also benefit by being better informed and better served.

The idea came about in 1999, when Fred and a few colleagues from Europe and Latin America arrived at the conclusion that the computer professional was not well served in getting up-to-the-minute information on the Information Technology market without having to take a lot of time out for researching books and magazines or surfing various web sites before arriving at the right solution for a specific problem. It was agreed, by the corporate team, that the best way to provide a 24x7 help desk was to be on the Internet. So, early in the new millennium, the company was formed and work started on building up the web site.

Trial operations will start January 1st in Argentina and Chile with operations in other countries to follow soon.

For further information, please address any correspondence to Theresa McCormack, Publications Director, Online Computer Service Network, 11214 Pines Blvd., #248, Pembroke Pines, Florida 33026, U.S.A. Tel.: (954) 538-1444 - Fax: (954) 538-1555 or write to