Membership Information 

The Online Computer Service Network (OCSN) provides independent computer professionals and small computer businesses worldwide with online technical support and solutions via an advanced Internet communications network.

OCSN is a company based in Florida (USA), providing online support to members worldwide. OCSN provides members with a unique source of information, support and solutions. In this way, members provide customers with a much wider range of support information including repairs, sales, installation, network solutions, web hosting, web design, upgrades and many other computer related services.

OCSN online support and solutions will allow members to be more successful and more technically advanced in their business endeavors.

No OCSN web site will carry advertising. Neither will OCSN distribute, sell or release member information other than agreed upon through the web site or as part of the membership agreement. OCSN has no commercial interest in or relationship with any supplier or manufacturer; OCSN accepts neither sponsorships nor donations and will never link to sites for professional fees.

Our web sites are designed for speedy access, easy navigation and graphics are only included when necessary to support the subject matter. No flashing messages, moving news lines, or banners of any kind will appear on our web sites.


Membership gives you global coverage

If you are a freelance computer professional or owner of a small computer business, it is often hard to compete with larger computer businesses when it comes to references, support structure and prestige. By becoming an OCSN member you immediately have the edge over any large established local company. Once you become a member of OCSN you will have a global group of members supporting you, willing and able to support each other.


How to become a member?

Currently we do not accept members until we completed additional administrative operations.