OCSN, founded on March 24, 2000, was the brainchild of  a few colleagues in the Information Technology, employees of Measurex Corporation, Honeywell Corporation, Communications, Computer Service and related business fields who felt the need for an online support service for independent computer professionals. The experience gained by the management team, working on four continents - the United States, Europe, Africa and Latin America – for over twenty years, is global in every sense of the word.

All felt the need to create an alternative network support system providing the services required by the ever-expanding Computer Service professional. Time costs money and customers want quick solutions to their problems. What better than an online "help desk" when you don’t have all the answers? At the same time, OCSN provides the novice with simple answers to a variety of questions involving the hands-on use of all the latest technology, without having to wade through an endless array of media.


The project is on hold awaiting additional funds to proceed. Interested? Contact Fred Lotgering LotCon Biz Solutions